Meet the Doctors


  • Dr. Douglas Meyer, Dc
    Douglas Meyer, DC

    From the beginning, Dr. Meyer had a desire to help people and to ensure that they would be able to live their life to the fullest capacity. His passion was to help people eliminate pain while improving their quality of life. He has helped thousands of people LIVE their life naturally without the need for drugs
    and surgery. He established his own approach which included a customized treatment plan: thorough history, comprehensive exam, report of findings, active treatment and home routine which includes exercises, stretching and nutrition. His belief was that after the initial treatment, the patient would have
    a solid understanding of their condition, the length of treatment needed for change/ correction and a home plan to improve results. He also believes in a collaboration of other health professions to maximize the patient care / results. Dr. Meyer truly believes in a TEAM approach. There’s no I in team.

    Dr. Meyer was born and raised in Washington, MO where he graduated from Washington High School. He was active in sports and played football and basketball where he witnessed and experienced multiple injuries. These experiences enhanced his desire to become a healthcare provider. He just had to decide
    which path. His senior year in high school, he was able to take a health occupation course in which he was able to shadow multiple professions including orthopedic surgery, chiropractic, acupuncture, ER medicine, physical therapy and radiology. Dr. Meyer was fascinated with all fields but especially orthopedics. He witnessed multiple surgeries and thought that this was his avenue. He was initially accepted to a fast track Medical doctor (MD) program but decided to start pre-medicine training at Truman State University. While training, he decided to switch directions and help people without the
    use of drugs or surgeries. He attended Logan university with this goal in mind and was always found taking extra courses in the evenings or weekends to increase his knowledge and develop multiple tools to help patient’s conditions improve. Dr. Meyer graduated in 1999 with a Doctor of Chiropractic and
    Acupuncture degree and started Meyer Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Hermann and Montgomery City MO. (He worked with a group of medical doctors initially and began his integrated team approach. His approach was to find the best treatment options for all his patients.) He continued to gain knowledge by
    taking continuing education courses on the weekends and studying globally which included extensive training in China and Korea. This passion and dedication continues today. 

    In his spare time, Dr. Meyer enjoys spending quality family time with his wife, Christina and daughters, Aspen and Brynn. He loves watching their theatre performances and enjoys most outside activities including hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and roller blading. Dr. Meyer believes that life is short, so live
    life to its fullest. His goal is to help people enjoy life and LIVE a long healthy life. 

  • Dr. Anthony J. Hayden, DC
    Anthony J. Hayden, DC

    Dr. Hayden was born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and attended undergraduate in Jackson, Mississippi at Millsaps College where he played college soccer and ran track. He graduated in 2015 with a BS in Biology and a minor in Sociology. He then relocated to Saint Louis, Missouri to be with, his now wife, Sarah, who he met playing college soccer.

    In 2016 Dr. Hayden was introduced to chiropractic care and toured Logan and decided to pursue a degree in chiropractic. He graduated from Logan University in August 2019. 

    Dr. Hayden began his career first as an intern in Atlanta, Georgia, and then as an associate doctor for a large Pl and Wellness clinic. 

    Dr. Hayden and his wife are proud parents to 3 rescue dogs and a beautiful little boy. When He is not in the office treating patients, he loves being outdoors and spending time with his family as well as playing soccer still. When he was introduced to chiropractic care he became very interested in the practice and shadowed some local doctors before deciding to make a career as a chiropractor. He believes if he had been familiar with it sooner, he would have had fewer injuries and faster recovery during his college sports career. Dr. Hayden now makes it his mission that no one misses out on the healing and differences chiropractic care can make on each person's overall health and wellness; not just for athletes or former athletes like himself, but for everyone of all ages and walks of life.

  • Dr. Madison Lehman, DC
    Madison Lehman, DC

    Dr. Madi grew up in rural central Missouri surrounded by a loving family and lots of friends. During her youth she loved sports but most especially softball. She attended Lindenwood University on a softball scholarship while earning a bachelor's degree in biochemistry (class of 2017.) Her passion of sports and compassion for wanting to help people led her to earn a degree as a Chiropractic Physician from Logan University (class of 2020.) She immediately began practicing in Hermann and Montgomery City, MO with Meyer Chiropractic where she was able to fulfill her dream of treating young athletes and families. As her practice grew, she recognized the benefits of Acupuncture could enhance her treatments and reduce duration (Acupuncture Licensed 2022.) She and her husband Seth started planning their own family, which inspired her to dive head first into pediatric chiropractic and prenatal care (Certified Webster Technique 2022.)

    Dr. Madi enjoys treating people from all walks of life utilizing different adjusting styles including diversified, Thompson drops, Cox Flexion-Distraction, and activator. In her free time, she and her husband Seth enjoy being outdoors with their son Lars who blessed their family in January of 2023. Together they love traveling, being active, watching sports, and spending time with their loved ones and their pets. They have recently moved back to their hometown to be closer to family and friends and fulfill their dreams of raising a family and being a part of the community where they both grew up.


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